Week 6 – Create your day (before others do)

Week 6 – Create your day (before others do)

This week is about becoming aware that we largely create our own reality, including through our thoughts.

Du saknar tillgång till detta innehåll

För att ta del av innehållet behöver du vara inloggad och ha ett aktivt medlemskap/abonnemang


Your tool week 6 – Cycic breathing

Cycic breathing and daily (rapid) transcendence and intentional affirmations can make your own subconscious mind respond to positive suggestions. Deep meditation takes us from survival to creation, from separation to connection and from emergency mode to growth- and- repair mode. Basically, this week is about embracing the unknown future and inviting the visions and desired state of mind. Instead of repeatedly reproducing the same level of mind and body state – you get to create new neural pathways by evoking new emotions and mental states.

Examples of survival emotions: doubt, fear, anger, insecurity, anxiety, guilt, shame, competition, judgment.

Examples of creative emotions: Gratitude, joy, inspiration, peace, connection, presence, empowerment, trust.

“The power of positive thinking is the ability to generate a feeling of certainty in yourself when nothing in the environment supports you.” Tony Robbins

Are you creating your day or do you let the external world decide how you feel, think and what you do? Try to repeat your daily intentions as soon as you wake up every morning and see what happens with your day.