The Balance program

Calmed and focused in a world of turbulence

The Balance program aims to provide you with concrete tools in order to gain efficient recovery, mental focus and balance strategies. The intention of this program is to support both your work life and overall balance.  The method has been offered at Astra Zeneca since 2012, two of the biggest lawyer companies and banks in Sweden and part of the Medical care system. 

Two of the most efficient stress reducers

Tested in Swedish published research – two evidence based tools for reducing stress, high blood pressure and anxiety. Try two of the easy, efficient and calming techniques from the Balance program 

Sustainability, stress prevention, team building

The Balance program is offered as a group based stress management education.  The method has been offered at Astra Zeneca, Swedish banks, two of the Swedish biggest lawyer companies, as individual Performance coaching at a global financial consultant company and the method is part of Swedish research.

Performance coaching executive

This is offered to support executives in order to be mentally and emotionally strong and build resilience. in challenging times. The coaching based on one to one sessions and a 4 week program which offers practical tools for better sleep, reduced stress, releasing physical tensions and improving focus/concentration skills. During the sessions we will also find out how you turn self leadership and your highest intention and core values into a daily habit. This coaching is aiming to support both the individual and corporate culture.

Sound bath for deep recovery and rehabilitation

A sound bath means you are ”bathing” in the waves of the Gong, an antique instrument.  As we are made up of 70 percent water, the body is ideal for transmitting the vibrations emitted by the gong instrument, the ripples of which resonate at a cellular level, rebalancing the body. Suitable for persons in a need of deep recovery and rehabilitation and/or as a team building activity. 

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About Sara Emilionie:

As a communication consultant living in the hormones of stress Sara found recovery through meditation and quit her ordinary job with a strong vision – to teach people how to breath. Since then (2009) she has taught her programs within the Swedish national health care system and workplaces such as Astra Zeneca, Sigma/Nexer group, two of Sweden`s largest law firms and a global consultant firm. Her programs have been tested in internationally published studies.  

TV4 - Andas rätt med mikropauser och minska stressen: "Du upplever effekt efter tre andetag"

Yogaterapeuten Sara Emilionie visar hur man med enkla medel kan känna sig mindra stressad. Om man tar korta micropauser för att fokusera på att andas rätt kan man känna mer lugn och ro.

TV4 - Andas rätt och bli frisk!

Nyhetsmorgon i TV4: Den 3 februari är andningens dag i Sverige. Yogaterapeuten Sara Emilionie berättar om hur du andas på rätt sätt och hur det kan få dig att må bättre.

Andningsskola med Sara Emilionie i Sveriges Radio P4​

Sara Emilionie, yogaterapeut och mindfulnessinstruktör, lär oss mer om hur man gör för att andas sig till ett friskare liv på andningens dag.


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Ett stort tack till media som bidrar till att kunskapen om yoga och mindfulness når ut till allt fler.

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