Perfomance coaching for high achievers with a
the ambition to raise their resilience

This is not a program for everyone. This is a program for executives with the highest discipline, devoted commitment to make everything it takes to upgrade body and mind. The 4 week program will give you tools for self improvement and coaching aligned with your individual action plan. You will also get to evaluate your own efforts and discover that others are affected when you start to regulate your own nervous system.

Are you willing to follow through 4 sessions and schedule 10 minutes of daily training during a time period of 4 weeks? This is what you can expect as return of investment – if you do your part with full commitment:

  • Learn to break old stress patterns and self-sabotaging coping strategies
  • Understand what it takes to feel energy and inspiration in your daily life
  • Reach higher levels of productivity and well being
  • Discover how empathic and conscious leadership reflects on the entire organisation

The structure: Each week you will receive a new tool which you need to schedule time for at least once a day (5-10 minutes).
Each week you will receive a new reflection which requires a couple of minutes of contemplation and making notes

In the weekly coaching sessions (45 minutes/week) you get to evaluate you own process – this requires your own effort inbetween personal meetings.

I look forward to working with you!

About Performance coaching executive

Performance coaching aims for greater awareness of behavioral patterns that supports performance and sustainability.  Through the self-awareness gained by meditating and by taking transformational action-steps that are discussed during one to one sessions the results have been highly appreciated among the 55 participants within Deals that have concluded the program.

Performance coaching executive is based on the same principles- combining practical tools with a process of individual self-improvement –  but from a management perspective that supports you as well as your team and the cultural imprint you as a leader aim for.

About Sara Emilionie: As a communication consultant living in the hormones of stress Sara found recovery through meditation and quit her ordinary job with a strong vision – to teach people how to breath. Since then (2009) she has taught her programs within the Swedish national health care system and workplaces such as Astra Zeneca, Sigma/Nexer group and two of Sweden`s largest law firms. Her programs have been tested in internationally published studies.

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