Week 2 – Recharging your body

Week 2 – Recharging your body

This week is about getting in touch with the body and daring to trust the body’s signals.

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Your tool week 2 –  This week is about listening to your body signals at a deeper level and give your body the authority to tell you when to rest (even if your mind has other plans). It helps you rest your mind when you feel mentally over loaded. If you feel exhausted but you need to get things done, try it as a power nap (but in an awaked state) before you get back to work.

This week is about listening at your body signals on a deeper level and start trusting this reliable intelligence domain. Developing greater awareness of bodily sensations can help you feel more connected to your physical self and get quite on the monkey mind. Researchers have found evidence to suggest meditation can promote physical and emotional wellness in multiple ways, such as:improved sleep, anxiety and stress relief, greater self awareness.

Do you have a non abusive relationship with your body or are you running the stress hormones, supressing your inner resources for self healing and growth? Your body has its own intelligence domain and this week is about befriending the body instead of suppressing its signals, as most high achievers within analytic fields do. The main goal for this training is to get better at hearing messages from within in order to develop a healthy, non abusive relationship to your body. Working in front of a computer without exercising or over-exercising in order to cope with psychological stress is a source of self-sabotaging.

The tool will both help you to come in touch with deeper signals and wisdom, and both train your ability to focus and redirect your focus.

Research on this mindfulness meditation has shown results such as:

• improved sleep
• anxiety and stress relief
• greater self-awareness
• increased self-compassion
• reduced pain

"According to modern science we think with our heart - it's worth listening to"

Your reflection week 2 – what does it mean to be a sustainable high achiever and a great leader?

Please list five great daily habits (that) you know to support your health and increase your overall life quality – independent of outer circumstances and people. –Eg: natural supplements, drinking water, prioritizing sleep, taking daily walks, giving yourself time where you’re not being available for others.
Please list five great qualities that (from your perspective) make a great leader

Now reflect on this – do you show up for yourself, and your role as a leader?